Self Storage Recommendations

Published on 9/17/2018

  • Purchase renter’s insurance to protect items stored in unit.
  • Wrap mattresses with plastic and store them off the unit floor.
  • Concrete sweats. Place items on pallets or on blocks of wood.
  • Use plastic totes when possible. Store cardboard boxes on top of totes and away from the floor. 
  • Place rodent repellent poison in the front and back of unit.
  • Purchase a good lock. We recommend a disc or circular lock which are the most secure locks currently available. O'Neil Creek Storage has these locks available for purchase. If needed, please ask!
  • Cover items stored with a tarp or plastic sheeting. 
  • When possible, stay out of your unit on days it is raining and only move items that are dry into your unit.
  • When humid outside, it is recommended to place a bucket of briquettes (charcoal) or kitty litter inside of your unit to absorb the moisture.
  • Do not store food or items that can produce strong odors.
  • Pack efficiently.  Storage small items inside of larger items such as dressers. Stack like items together, such as totes of similar size.